Holiday on Wings - Reiseberichte

Scandinavia flight trip, August 4. to 24. 2002

Airplane: Piper P28R Arrow II, MTOM 1180 kg.
Routing: See here (approximate reconstruction)


On the 4th of August we took off from Zurich(LSZH) in our Piper Arrow and flew northbound into Germany, where we visited friends at Bielefeld (EDLI). First stop in Denmark was Sönderborg (EKSB). The landing there was in really marginal weather conditions: Heavy rain and very low clouds. But this was the only landing in bad weather on our whole trip. For the next three weeks we found almost only good conditions. (Reasonable bed and breakfast at Sönderborg: Paul Nielson (Pilot), Ved Moelledammen 13, Tel. 74 43 57 61, mobil 22 32 07 85, internet: Via the beautiful airstrips on the Danish islands Endelave West (EKEL; very nice and recommendable, free use of bicycles) and Laesö (EKLS) we reached Sweden on August 8th at Göteborg (ESGG).

On the flight further on to Stockholm we spent one night at Visingsö (ESSI); a beautiful island in the middle of the big Swedish lake Vättern. (Pensionat Visingsö, Tel.0390-401 91). At Oerebro (ESOE, the only airport on our trip that did not accept the weekly season card for landing fees) we wanted to take the public bus to the center to visit the famous castle. But this bus (bus sign on the Bottlang VAC) does not exist and the taxi into the town is very expensive. So we proceeded to Köping (ESVQ) where we visited the town, that is not far from the nice grass airfield.

Overflying then Oerebro and Gripsholm we could take spectacular photos of those castles. From Bromma tower (ESSB) we got on my request the clearance to orbit over the center of Stockholm bevore landing. Phantastic view in clearest weather!

From Stockholm, where we visited again friends, we continued northbound along the Bottnian sea to Oestersund (ESPC), a town at the south end of Swedish Lapland. There we rented a car and explored the beautiful Swedish mountain area driving to Trondheim at the Norvegian coast and back. At Umea (ESNU), our next destination, we experienced how fast sea fog can come in: After our arrival and during the whole evening the town stook in thick fog. But allready in the next morning the sun burned it away and again we could enjoy good weather.

On August 14 we entered Finland, crossing the Tornjonjoki river. Before that we had to fly partly on top along the north end of the Bottnian sea. Rovaniemi (EFRO) at the arctic circle (N66°33‘), the most northern point of our planned route, was reached. It is a modern town, planned by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto at the junction of two big rivers. Here we spent the only rainy day of our whole trip, visiting the very interesting "Arctic Museum". By chance we met another flying couple from Austria. They came down from Norway and told us about their flight to the North Cape. As the weather forecast for the next two days was excellent, we decided to change our projects and take the unique opportunity to fly as well up to the Cape. From the friendly Austrian pilot I got the map of Norway; fortunately I had a Bottlang trip kit of whole Scandinavia, including Norway, with me.

So we took off on August 15 from Rovaniemi towards Northwest, with crosswind at the limit, but beautiful and clear weather. The night we spent in Norway at Tromsö (ENTC) - there we got an idea of the midnight light in the northern areas. The weather of the next day was just perfect: Blue sky, no clouds, no wind and a cristal clear visibility. On a phantastic and unforgetable flight through the landscape of the Norwegian fjords we reached the North Cape (N71°10'21'') at noon and landed, after having taken a lot of spectacular photos, at Honningsvag airfield (ENHV), just south of the Cape. For the next day a front was forcasted coming in from the West. So we flew the same day back via Banak (ENNA, fuel stop) and the absolutely wonderful large and lonely Finmark to Rovaniemi where we arrived at dusk under a phantastic orange coloured sky and where we spent another night in "our" hotel: Hotel "Pohjanhovi", Tel. 358-16-33711, Fax. 358-16-313997. (Special after season price for a very beautiful double room. Airport hotel taxi: 5EUR per person and way).

For the next stop I was looking for a small airfield, away from big towns and in the vicinity of a Finnish lake. On the chart Kivijärvi (EFKV) looked like the spot we were looking for. I phoned there and got, via several other telephone numbers, the number of the "Hannunkiven Lomakylä" holiday village. They sent me a fax to our hotel in Rovaniemi with their data. It was exactely what we were looking for: A small 900m runway in a forest, not far away from the rural village of Kivijärvi. Hannunkiven Lomakylä is a group of cottages at the shore of the local lake. In August the main season has passed, so we found accommodation without any problems. We could rent a wooden cottage in the forest at the shore of the lake with kitchen and even sauna and with free use of a rowing boat on the lake. At this "paradise" we spent two very beautiful and quiet days. (Tel. number of Hannunkiven Lomakylä Village is 014-481 626, fax 014-481 628. People of the village come to pick you up at the airfield).

After relaxing at Kivijärvi we continued our trip via Jyväskilä (EFJY, fuel stop) to Helsinki Malmi airfield, where we arrived on August 19. We took the public bus into the town and spent the night in the "Academica Summer Hotel", Hietaniemenkatu 14. This is an accommodation for students during winter time and in summer it is used as a hotel. Rooms for a good price in the center of the town. Tel. 09-1311 4334, fax 09-441 201, internet, Good help for finding accommodation in Helsinki is the "Hotel Booking Center", tel.number 09-22881400. During the evening and the next day we explored as much as possible of the interesting town. The weather was still perfect.

After our take off from Malmi we got on my request the permission to orbit over the city for sightseeing and taking photos. Wonderful! We followed then the south coast of Finland towards the Aland islands. Spectacular, to see all those thousands of small islands of this region! Our next destination was the small island of Kumlinge (EFKG) that takes part of the group of the Aaland islands between Finland and Sweden. I had called from Malmi for accommodation. A nice lady, Arja Hampf, took us by car from the small airfield to her cottages, called "Remmarina“. "Remmarina" is a group of 12 small cottages (each cottage with two two stairs beds), a central house with common showers, toilets and kitchen and a small kiosk. Not a place for people that is looking for high comfort, but a very recommendable place for quiet acommodation with a special atmosphere. For a low price one can even rent bicycles there and explore the small but beautiful island. Worth mentioning is the "St:a Annas kyrka" with very beautiful frescos from the 15th century. Information about "Remmarina" is available on the internet on the webpage . (Tel. 0400-529 199).

From Kumlinge we then flew direct via Mariehamn back to Sweden, crossed Stockholm via overhead the city (phantastic view!)) and proceeded via Norrköping (ESCK) to Linköping Saab (ESSL). There we visited again friends. Next day we flew to Oeland. Borgholmen airfield (ESMB), a nice grass strip, was our destination. By rented car we explored this very beautiful island in the Southeast of Sweden with its special and warm climate. Overflying Ismantorpsborg (5.century), which we visited on ground in the evening before - a mysterious wall of stones in a wonderful wood of old oaks - was a highlight on our flight next day via Kalmar (castle!) to Malmö Sturup (ESMS).

From Malmö I filed a flightplan with a special routing: First westbound via Malmö to Kopenhagen (KAS VOR). The goal was, to see the new Oeresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark. It became a phantastic flight: On my request we got the clearance to follow the bridge on its south side at 1000 ft AGL and to overfly Kopenhagen Kastrup airfield mid runway in spite of heavy traffic during the evening rush hour to the western reporting point "Vallensbaek". Really very collaborative and professional air controllers!! Leaving the CTR of Kastrup we turned southbound and followed the east coast of Jelland, crossed the sea from Gedser to Wismar - a very recommendable town, that we know from another flight trip - and proceeded to Erfurt (EDDE) in Germany, where we spent the last night of our trip.

On the way there we had to overfly the flooded region of the Elbe river. What a desaster! Poor people! A terrible weather in Middle Europe this summer! And we, lucky people, could experience one of the most beautiful and warm summers in Scandinavia this year! We know, that the weather is not always like this and we are very thankful for this lucky chance. We could travel VFR without any problems and realize our project of this immense trip and even more (North Cape). We got a phantastic overviev of a wonderful big part of Europe that we didn't know before. Like often on our flight trips, we fell in love with the beautiful countries we got to know and with their people. As a pilot I am happy to tell that for us it was very pleasant to fly within Scandinavian countries: A very good infrastructure, very cooperative and professional ATS (for example radar following for VFR flights by control frequencies; uncomplicated, flexible and nice controllers), very reliable weather information (extremely helpful the computer terminals with free access to the internet weather pages at all bigger airfields), an advantageous system of paying the landing fees (weekly season cards; Sweden 350SKR, Finland 77.40EUR), favorable price for AVGAS in comparison with other countries. There is only one thing that disturbed us: In whole Scandinavia it is not possible to pay AVGAS fuel by credit card (VISA, Mastercard). May be AOPA could do something to change this in future. Generally we can highly recommend to fly within Scandinavia!!!

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