Fly across OZ (Australia) in private plane

Fly across OZ (Australia) in private plane

June and July 2000

From June 2nd to August 12th 2000 we flew around Australia in a private plane. The plan was to see pretty much everything a tourist should see in Australia - and then a bit more. Beginning in Perth we flew counter clock wise along the coast (with a single diversion inland to see Uluru).

With us we brought a digital camera and a laptop - whenever we came across an internet café on our trip we updated these pages with the latest pictures and a diary.

We hope that these pages will help other people planning a trip to Australia, maybe even inspire some to do something similar. We highly recommend it - it's one of the best things we ever did. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our homepage, feel free to contact us. We will appreciate any kind of response.

Linda & Klaus

We hired 'Grummy', a Grumman Tiger, from the University Flying Club in Perth. On their homepage you can follow the link "Aircraft" to find technical details (note that you have to scroll down, as the Grumman is the second plane on this page).
The cruise speed was 120 knots which equals about 220 km/h. Compared to driving a car, 220 km/hour might not sound all that fast, but the big advantage of flying is that we do not have to stick to twisted roads nor stop at red lights ;-)


The journey began and ended in Perth, since this is where we hired the aircraft. We followed the coastline counter clock-wise, as we thought there would have been more non-VMC periods in the southern part of Australia than in the north at this time of the year (winter in the south and dry season in the north). We therefore expected to experience most delays in the first half of the trip. We had planned for the trip to take 70 days, including 25 so-called 'buffer days' to count for delays. We must say that we have been pretty lucky with the weather. Only a very few times did it affect us in such a way that we had to change our plans.

Roughly the route was Perth - Kalgoorlie - Uluru - Coober Pedy - Kangaroo Island - Tasmania - Melbourne - Canberra - Sydney - Byron Bay - Fraser Island - Whitsundays - Cairns - Thursday Island - Normanton - Katherine - Darwin - Kimberley - Broome - Carnarvon - Coral Bay - Shark Bay - Perth.

The only fixed dates we had were Sydney on June 29th (to pick up Lene and Dirk) and Darwin on July 27th (where Lene and Dirk left us again and Edlef, Dirk and Klaus' dad, got on board instead). The flight back to Denmark was on August 17th, so we intended to be back in Perth some days before that to be able to sort out some last things and say good-bye to friends.

Since it was winter we spent a fair bit of time in the northern states of Australia. Namely Queensland, Northern Territory, and northern Western Australia. Most of the west coast of Australia we had already seen on an earlier trip, so that part was done less thorough (btw: if you ever get to Karijini National Park - don't miss Dave Doust's tour out of Wittenoom - it's amongst the best we've ever done).

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